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Scott Flood is a versatile, effective financial copywriter who helps retail and institutional financial clients communicate with all of their audiences … as well as helping organizations that serve the needs of other financial firms.

  • Significant experience in both retail and institutional financial markets
  • In-depth knowledge of financial industry and investor attitudes, motivators and challenges
  • Effective at explaining complex issues and solutions to audiences with varied competencies
  • 30+ years of no-nonsense, results-oriented experience
  • Approaching your needs in a professional, businesslike manner

Cragin Federal Bank

Cragin Federal Bank

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Free, no-obligation copy audit

Could your current financial copy be improved? Is your company communicating as effectively as you could be? For a limited time, Scott Flood will provide a free, no-obligation copy audit. 

He’ll review a sample you provide based upon your stated objectives, and tell you whether your copy could be improved. If he thinks he can’t improve upon what you already have, he’ll tell you that, too! There’s no cost, no obligation, and no risk to you.

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Financial writer for retail financial services and institutional financial companies

Great financial copy is built on solid knowledge of financial concepts and products … along with a practical, no-nonsense approach to your company’s needs and those of your stakeholders.

Writing truly effective financial copy requires a thorough grasp of the audience’s attitudes, needs, and motivating factors. After all, the president of a community bank, a fund manager, and a first-time homebuyer are all affected by a change in the Prime Rate — but in vastly different ways. Scott Flood understands how to communicate with each of those audiences in compelling ways.

Consumer and business financial marketing and advertising copy

Professional Financial Copy WritingScott Flood consistently delivers financial copy that is accurate, compelling and that communicates precisely with any audience’s level of comprehension. Whether the target is small-town consumers, bank holding company executives, institutional asset managers – or anyone in between, he provides financial copy that motivates and creates the desired impression.

From explaining the complexity of governance to bank directors … to detailing portfolio selection strategies to Taft-Hartley plan trustees … to teaching basic credit strategies to families in financial distress, Scott Flood conveys financial information accurately and concisely, with the level of complexity tailored to the individual reader’s knowledge and needs.

Versatile financial writer for financial advertising and marketing communications

Retail and institutional financial entities rely upon Scott Flood for his no-nonsense, results-oriented approach to a wide variety of financial copywriting needs, including:

  • Websites and microsites
  • Online content
  • Brochures
  • Direct mail
  • Annual reports
  • Email and print newsletters
  • White papers
  • Print advertising
  • Ghostwriting
  • News releases
  • Speeches
  • Feature stories
  • Training materials
  • Radio advertising
  • Presentations