Samples of Scott’s Work

The print and online samples throughout this site (and collected below) demonstrate the kind of thinking I bring to objectives. As you look through them, you’ll see a lot of variety in the style and tone. That’s because I see my role as capturing and using the client’s voice, rather than mine.

You can also view a list of companies and organizations I’ve helped


Plymate Image Mats, Shelbyville, Indiana

(With Thrive3)

Plymate Matman Comic
Objective: Create differentiation in product perceived as commodity.
Description: Full-length comic/coloring book ascribing common problems to fictional villains.
Excerpt: After closing hours, the Nibbler scurries through the darkness of the business district to partake of his favorite meal — the tender corners of rugs, carpeting and worn floor mats. MatMan sets a foolproof trap for the mischievous masticator. He protects high-traffic areas with durable, high quality mats, then replaces them frequently to frustrate his ferocious foe’s fangs.

Forest Discovery Center, Starlight, Ind.

(With Gutermuth Design)

Forest Museum
Objective: Promote forestry museum to tourists.
Description: Rack brochure
Excerpt: In every leaf, the promise of tomorrow. In every ring, the lessons of history. In every bough, a home. And in every cell, the very breath of life. The wonders of trees extend to thousands of things we touch every day — when we renew the forest’s majesty, we are the ultimate beneficiaries.

Direct Marketing

Morellis Cleaners, Indianapolis

(With Scofield Design + Communications)

Objective: Differentiate from competitors and drive traffic.
Description: Direct mail postcard series.
Excerpt: Sure, those slacks are washable. Heck, you can even toss them in the dryer. But you’ll look like a walking relief map of the Ozarks. Here’s a better idea: after you dry them, drive them to Morellis. Our fabric care experts will give them a crisp crease that makes you feel like a thousand bucks for a heck of a lot less.

Cragin Federal Bank, Chicago

(With Smith, Badofsky & Raffel)

Cragin French Fry
Objective: Build attendance at grand opening event.
Description: Doorhanger (cross-promotion with local McDonald’s restaurant).
Excerpt: Just bring this card to Cragin anytime between Friday, March 9 and Friday, April 20 – and we’ll reveal the prize you’ve won! It could be that trip to Disney World, a TV, or one of our other thousands of great prizes!

Web Copy

Wabash Valley Power Association

(With Hirons Inc.)

Objective: Provide information about electric power generation and transmission cooperative and its members.

Wabash Valley Power Association

(With Hirons Inc.)

Objective: Provide a central resource for energy-related consumer information.

White Papers

Brightpoint, Plainfield, IN

(With Kathy Tully Design)

Objective: Explain benefits of Foreign Trade Zones.
Excerpt: Duties on commodities are not assessed until the items are actually imported. Because goods held in an FTZ are considered to be outside the commerce of the U.S., duties on those goods will be deferred until they are actually shipped outside the zone. At a practical level, that means a company will not incur duties until the goods are sold and shipped. That way, the company doesn’t have to pay duties up front for product that is going to sit in inventory for an undetermined length of time, enhancing cash flow and freeing up cash for other uses.

Delivra, Indianapolis, Ind.

Objective: Explain role of list segmentation in email marketing.
Excerpt: Segmentation is not a complicated concept. It’s as simple as breaking your entire list of customers and prospects into smaller groups that share common characteristics. Those characteristics may be based on demographics, on behavior, on the nature of their business or relationship with your organization, or any other factor that may differentiate them from others on your list.


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