Direct Marketing

Direct marketing copy that drives results

Direct marketing differs from other types of advertising in that its goal is normally to drive clearly defined results. The most brilliant headline and most beautiful design are worthless if the response fails to live up to the goal. That’s a difficult concept for many creative services professionals, but it’s one I’ve always understood. I enjoy the challenge of writing direct marketing copy because it provides clear results. Whether your goal is to generate leads, create sales, or something else, I’ll draw upon my nearly three decades of experience to convey messages that are effective at creating the right response.

Adman, Indianapolis

(With Scofield Design + Communications)

Objective: Lead generation.
Description: Self-mailer focused on conflict with ad agencies and using punching bag premium.
Excerpt: Taking a swing seems like a great solution, but misses the real problem. Your day-to-day frustrations have more to do with the way your company works rather than with your co-workers. Simply put, your system probably isn’t up to the complexity of your business – especially if you’re trying to make do with ordinary software.

Bloomington Hospital, Bloomington, Ind.

(With Ten Adams Marketing & Advertising)

Bloomington Hospital Better Babies
Objective: Promote maternity services to expectant mothers.
Description: Direct mail portion of multimedia campaign.
Excerpt: The birth of your baby should be a very special, very private moment. That’s why our Labor, Delivery and Recovery Suites are private rooms equipped with private showers. You and your newborn will be disturbed as little as possible. And when you’re ready for company, each room offers a comfortable area for visitors, too.

Cragin Federal Bank, Chicago

(With Smith, Badofsky & Raffel)

Cragin French Fry
Objective: Build attendance at grand opening event.
Description: Doorhanger (cross-promotion with local McDonald’s restaurant).
Excerpt: Just bring this card to Cragin anytime between Friday, March 9 and Friday, April 20 – and we’ll reveal the prize you’ve won! It could be that trip to Disney World, a TV, or one of our other thousands of great prizes!

Morellis Cleaners, Indianapolis

(With Scofield Design + Communications)

Objective: Differentiate from competitors and drive traffic.
Description: Direct mail postcard series.
Excerpt: Sure, those slacks are washable. Heck, you can even toss them in the dryer. But you’ll look like a walking relief map of the Ozarks. Here’s a better idea: after you dry them, drive them to Morellis. Our fabric care experts will give them a crisp crease that makes you feel like a thousand bucks for a heck of a lot less.

Midwest Radiologic Imaging,
Newburgh, Ind.

(With Ten Adams Marketing & Advertising)

MRI Slinky MailerMRI Slinky Mailer Panel
Objective: Promote and explain spiral CT scanner to primary-care physicians, specialists.
Description: Direct mail.
Excerpt: MRI’s new subsecond spiral CT scanner provides superior quality in substantially less time. Faster scans mean your patients will be more comfortable. Interfacing with the independent physician console permits three-dimensional multiplanar manipulation.

Proliance Energy, Indianapolis, Ind.

Proliance Postcard
Objective: Demonstrate size of company to facility managers.
Description: Direct mail campaign.
Excerpt: As Indiana’s leading gas marketer, we supply more Hoosier homes and businesses with natural gas than any other energy provider. In fact, we handle nearly 225 billion cubic feet of gas for our customers each year – enough to fill the RCA Dome in Indianapolis about 4,500 times!