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Writing for translation doesn’t have to involve miscommunications

writing for translation

If your organization does business in the growing global marketplace, there may be times when you need to communicate with people in languages other than English. While it’s tempting to simply translate your existing materials, that may not be the most effective approach. That’s because writing for translation requires different thinking and approaches than writing … Read more

Aspirational marketing isn’t inherently dishonest

aspirational marketing isn't a mask

Entrepreneurs are amazingly brave people. No matter how they may publicly shy away from comments like that, they’re well aware of how much courage it takes to walk away from someone’s payroll and create or grow a business. But despite their courage, many entrepreneurs become downright timid when it comes to marketing. Specifically, these bold … Read more

Why ghostwriting is a better way to share your story

ghostwriting is the best way

I spend a lot of time performing research for projects, and I’ve discovered that many of the companies that have the best information do the worst job of presenting it. They have the expertise, but it’s clear that the wrong people are responsible for sharing what they know. Now, it’s not really their fault.  Each … Read more

Have you been communicating with archaic expressions?

communicating with archaic expressions

Pardon me if I sound like a broken record, but I’m about to climb up on my soapbox, so don’t touch that dial! If that sentence made sense, you probably need to adjust the way you talk with colleagues and customers. If it didn’t make sense, you’re the reason why. As with nearly every other … Read more

There’s no need to be homophone-obic

who's afraid of a homophone

Back when you were in elementary school, your teacher worked hard to help you understand a concept called homophones. If you’re like most people, homophones bedeviled you then, and they probably still trip you up now and again. What are homophones? They’re those words that sound the same, even though they have very different meanings … Read more

That isn’t grammatically correct!

What she said isn't grammatically correct

I have overwhelming respect (and more than a little sympathy) for English teachers. But I do have to say they manage to make being an effective writer more difficult than it should be. Now, I’m not referring to all English teachers. Anyone who’s dedicated their adult lives to convincing bored adolescents to fall in love … Read more

Your website is incomplete

how incomplete website makes you feel

There are many differences between today’s online marketing tools and the brochures and other printed pieces that dominated marketing for decades. Many of those differences are obvious, but one of the most important often slips right past people: a website is never complete. Think about developing a brochure, a white paper, or a publication. Most … Read more