Brochures and collateral materials with impact

Make collateral materials meaningful, and they’ll read every word

If you’re investing in brochures and collateral materials, you need to ensure that you’re getting the greatest impact for your investment. Design is a key part of that, but those materials exist primarily because of the content they contain. I’ll help you maximize the value of brochures, sales sheets, sales presentations, inserts, publications, and the other materials you use to communicate with customers, prospects, and other stakeholders. I’ll take the knowledge, experience, and best practices I’ve acquired in four decades of brochure and other collateral writing to make your materials far more compelling and effective.

Toyota of Indiana, Princeton, IN

(With Ten Adams Marketing & Advertising)

Objective: Provide overview of operations and commitment to community.
Description: Visitor brochure.
Excerpt: In Paint, each vehicle undergoes a series of steps to create the color and configuration specified by the buyer, including careful surface preparation, body sealing, priming and topcoating. While much of the process is automated, we know there are situations in which nothing matches the precision of human touch and judgment, so we rely on team members to ensure superior quality.

Plymate Image Mats, Shelbyville, IN

(With Thrive3)

Objective: Create differentiation in product perceived as commodity.
Description: Full-length comic/coloring book ascribing common problems to fictional villains.
Excerpt: After closing hours, the Nibbler scurries through the darkness of the business district to partake of his favorite meal — the tender corners of rugs, carpeting and worn floor mats. MatMan sets a foolproof trap for the mischievous masticator. He protects high-traffic areas with durable, high quality mats, then replaces them frequently to frustrate his ferocious foe’s fangs.

Hendricks County Community Foundation, Avon, IN

Hendricks County Community Foundation report preview

Objectives: Simplify and share study results
Description: Printed report

Town of Avon, IN

Objective: Economic development and local information
Description: Annual report
Excerpt: From roads to land use, from parks to new businesses, Avon’s leaders devote significant effort to planning for the future of the community. We’ve encouraged residents to participate in the process through workshops, hearings, and conversations. Read Full Report

The Heart Group, Evansville, IN

(With Ten Adams Marketing & Advertising)

Objective: Build referral business among primary care providers.
Description: Referring physician brochure.
Excerpt: Atherecetomy & Rotoblator — These procedures remove cholesterol and plaque from arterial walls, increasing the effectiveness of subsequent angioplasty and stent therapies. Directional Coronary Atherectomy (DCA) employs a cutting device to remove cholesterol in larger arteries. Rotoblator uses a rapidly spinning, diamond-coated burr that pulverizes plaque into pieces smaller than blood cells. It is particularly effective when arteries are heavily calcified, or when the area of narrowing is unusually long.

Forest Discovery Center, Starlight, IN

(With Gutermuth Design)

Objective: Promote forestry museum to tourists.
Description: Rack brochure
Excerpt: In every leaf, the promise of tomorrow. In every ring, the lessons of history. In every bough, a home. And in every cell, the very breath of life. The wonders of trees extend to thousands of things we touch every day — when we renew the forest’s majesty, we are the ultimate beneficiaries.

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