Publications that connect with critical audiences

Publications everyone reads because they’re relevant and coherent

Whether you’re producing them in print or online, if your publications fail to connect with your critical audiences, your investment is being wasted. I’ll help you transform lackluster e-newsletters, customer magazines, print newsletters, and other publications into powerfully effective communications tools.

I have extensive experience as a writer for newsletters, magazines and other publications, and know how to make yours match your expectations. I can repurpose existing content for your online and print publications, and ensure that your organization speaks with a single voice. Plus, I can even help you manage the process to ensure that you meet deadlines.

Cragin Federal Bank, Chicago

(With Smith, Badofsky & Raffel)

Objective: Deepen customer relationships through education.
Description: Customer magazine.
Excerpt: Lenders like Cragin look at ratios which measure your total monthly obligations (including the proposed mortgage payment) as a percentage of your monthly income to determine how large a mortgage you can afford. In general, the total monthly obligations should not exceed 32 percent, and mortgage payments no more than 28 percent.

Town of Avon Newsletter, Avon, IN

(With In Your Shoes Graphics)

Objective: Keep community members informed.
Description: Quarterly newsletter.
Excerpt: The Avon Avenue Trail crosses the new Avon Avenue bridge over the railroad tracks, allowing users to travel from FrostBite down Avon Avenue and along 100 South to the roundabout at Dan Jones. Read full publication.

Citizens Gas, Indianapolis

Objective: Communicate case studies and industry information.
Description: Quarterly magazine for industrial facility managers.
Excerpt: Desiccant systems are becoming increasingly popular in food production facilities, primarily because of the effect moisture content has upon product quality. The Kroger Dairy in Indianapolis installed its first desiccant system nearly three years ago, and the second will be operating soon.

InterDesign Group, Indianapolis

Objective: Build awareness among prospects and clients.
Description: Bimonthly magazine.
Excerpt: It’s ironic that one of Central Indiana’s most desirable senior living communities began its life isolating sick people from a terrified population. In 1914, when some of Westminster Village North’s current residents were infants, Marion County opened the Sunnyside Sanatorium to treat tuberculosis patients. It served that role until its closing in 1965.

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