White papers that educate and persuade

White papers are one of the most effective tools to educate customers and prospects, and to persuade them to use your products or services. That’s particularly true when you offer something that’s complex and that involves a lengthy decision process. One recent survey reported that 84 percent of businesspeople felt that white papers influenced their decisions and 89 percent said they pass white papers along to others. I’ll help you develop white papers that present clear, concise and compelling cases to critical stakeholders. My experience with writing white papers will allow you to enhance your credibility without becoming overtly promotional.

FAIR, Inc., Indianapolis, Ind.

FAIR, Inc.

Objective: Address myths about issues related to school construction in Indiana.

Excerpt: Opponents to building projects often ask a question that – on the surface – seems valid: “Why are we investing in facilities when we should be spending money on teachers?” The implied message is that school corporations are somehow taking money away from staff costs to pay for building projects.
That may be true in other states, but it’s impossible in Indiana. State law mandates the use of fund accounting, with separate funds for different categories of costs. Under state laws (aside from some very limited exceptions), money from one fund cannot be transferred to cover costs in another.

Brightpoint, Plainfield, Ind.

(With Kathy Tully Design)


Objective: Explain benefits of Foreign Trade Zones.

Excerpt: Duties on commodities are not assessed until the items are actually imported. Because goods held in an FTZ are considered to be outside the commerce of the U.S., duties on those goods will be deferred until they are actually shipped outside the zone. At a practical level, that means a company will not incur duties until the goods are sold and shipped. That way, the company doesn’t have to pay duties up front for product that is going to sit in inventory for an undetermined length of time, enhancing cash flow and freeing up cash for other uses.

Delivra, Indianapolis, Ind.


Objective: Explain role of list segmentation in email marketing.

Excerpt: Segmentation is not a complicated concept. It’s as simple as breaking your entire list of customers and prospects into smaller groups that share common characteristics. Those characteristics may be based on demographics, on behavior, on the nature of their business or relationship with your organization, or any other factor that may differentiate them from others on your list.

Adman, Indianapolis

(With Scofield Design+Communications)


Objective: Explain benefits of management software.

Excerpt: More clients, more work, more people, and more procedures. And your new people brought more than talent; they brought procedures and work habits learned somewhere else. Before long, a major account was in jeopardy because somebody dropped a ball. To improve everyone’s ability to juggle, you instituted a weekly meeting to manage traffic flow. That wasn’t enough. The meetings quickly became battlefields, leaving everyone even more confused and frightened.