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The Smarter Strategy for Selecting Suppliers The Smarter Strategy for Selecting Suppliers

Seven points of insider advice about choosing the right creative service providers

Far too many companies choose writers, designers, and other creative service providers by using inherently flawed or poorly thought-out factors. No wonder so many of them end up being less than satisfied with their choices.

There are better ways to choose … and the key is developing a solid understanding of what sets one provider apart from another. Focusing on the right questions and reviewing the right kind of information will help you make the right choices.

Using the practical, proven advice in this special report will give you the confidence that your suppliers will be focused on helping you further your business goals … and that they’ll have the skills to do what you need. You’ll learn:

  • Strategic ways to review a provider’s portfolio.
  • The best measure of satisfied clients.
  • Why awards are usually a poor indicator of performance.
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake of all.
  • And more, including the right (and wrong) questions to ask.

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