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Powerful Print & Online Copy That Gets Results

If you need powerful, effective print or online copy, you measure success by the results you get, and you prefer to work with serious professionals, I’m your freelance copywriter.

For more than three decades, I’ve delivered highly effective copy of all sorts to an equally varied list of companies and organizations.

Sure, creating compelling copy is important, and I’ll put my work up against any other writer. But as I see it, what I do is really all about making your life easier, while adding effectiveness and value to your communications efforts.

It’s also about working with you in a professional, businesslike manner. That means approaching every project with a focus on your desired results, treating deadlines as rules (not suggestions), respecting your budget, and never putting creativity ahead of clarity or comprehension.

Because I measure my success in repeat business, it’s to my advantage to create copy that brings my clients success, along with a working relationship that brings them back again and again.

Now, what can I do for you? Email me, or call 317-839-1739.

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