Scott Flood

When you can’t start writing, try beginning in the middle

“I hate staring at that empty screen and that #%#^$% blinking cursor. I know exactly what I want to say, but I can’t get started.” No matter who you work for and no matter what your role may be, your job probably involves some writing. If you’ve faced times when the right words wouldn’t come, … Read more

Count up the reasons to do business by the numbers

Numbers and numerology

It might surprise you to learn you have an emotional response to numbers. What might surprise you even more is learning your reaction is probably rooted in ancient attempts to understand and predict the universe. Numerology is the study of the characteristics of numbers. Numerologists believe everything in the universe can be reduced to or … Read more

Why ex-customers may be your best prospects

Most companies constantly seek new market segments as potential customers for their products or services. Rarely do they consider one that can be surprisingly cost-effective: those who stopped doing business with you. Focusing on the customers who used to do business with you offers a great opportunity to grow your business and can improve your … Read more

Mentioning bad things isn’t necessarily being negative

Business owners and managers often suffer from a common allergy. When they review copy for a website, blog post, or newsletter and see wording they perceive as negative, they break out in hives. That could be understandable. We’ve long been urged to accentuate the positive and emphasize the good things. Mentioning something that’s negative is … Read more

Please bare with us as we uncover common word mistakes

Our ears frequently deceive us. We hear a word or phrase, make assumptions about its spelling, and then find ourselves using it. Sometimes, we use it correctly, but sometimes we’ve confused it with a similar word. There are many that sound identical but actually have vastly different meanings. Think those misuses aren’t a big deal? … Read more