Marketing inspiration can be found in many odd places … including my air conditioner. When I called a local contractor to come out and make sure my air conditioner was ready for this summer’s version of global warming, they took down all the usual information, including my email address.

The day before the scheduled appointment, I received an email from the owners. At first, I thought it was just the standard confirmation message, but it wasn’t.

The email was an introduction to the service tech who would be visiting my home. It included a photo, along with information about him, his family, his hobbies, and his work experience. Before he arrived at my front door, I already knew a lot about him. At a time when people worry about scammers, that introduction also assured me that the guy who was going to show up at my door was in fact a legitimate service tech.

It’s easy to forget that people really don’t like to do business with companies. We prefer to work with people. By making this simple online introduction … involving no more work than a simple cut-and-paste … the owners showed that they understood that. I’d be curious to compare their repeat business rate to that of their competitors, but I’ll wager that they’re many miles ahead. So a tip of the hat goes out the Emily and Chris Cunningham of Service Plus for a very nice job!