Marketing Wisdom

Case studies prove how smart you really are

using case studies to sell

What makes you and your company the best at what you do? How well do your prospects and current customers understand your expertise and capabilities? Do they grasp just how good you are and what separates you from the rest? Most organizations try to convince customers and prospects rolling out tired language about their “world-class … Read more

Seven smart strategies for delivering bad news

bad news expression

We all have to share news we’d rather avoid now and then. Could be a cost increase. Perhaps it’s a layoff. A cutback in business hours. A product upgrade that’s been pushed back. Worse-than-expected earnings. Or a security breach. How you communicate bad news has a significant impact on your organization and its reputation. In … Read more

Connecting is about your audience, not about you

The continued explosion of social media is a clear reminder of just how badly we humans want to connect with each other. Unfortunately, too many companies completely ignore that reality when they try to communicate with customers and prospects. Doesn’t matter whether they’re using social media posts, an email, or a website – they do … Read more

Benign neglect? That’s not very romantic

benign neglect isn't romantic

Have you ever wondered why customers go away? Maybe it’s all about romance. Most businesses and organizations devote a substantial amount of effort and investment to landing new customers. Interestingly, very few pay attention to the other end of that process. That’s the point at which existing customers disappear. And each time that happens, you … Read more

Authenticity means being more effective by being yourself  

authenticity means dropping the mask

Time after time, I’ve watched owners of reputable, high-quality businesses walk away from their hard-earned reputations and present themselves as something other than what they are. I’m not talking about deliberate deception with intent to defraud. At the risk of sounding like an amateur psychologist, it really sounds more like a problem with self-esteem. It’s … Read more