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Keep your maps conventional

Marketers use maps on websites and other communications materials to indicate the locations of businesses and events. That’s good thing for the visual learners out there. Sometimes, though, those marketers shoot themselves in the foot by ignoring the conventions that have become common in mapmaking over the centuries. For example, professional mapmakers indicate bodies of […]

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Are you using language customers don’t understand?

Bursting with pride, the nursing home’s management team bought a half-page newspaper ad proclaiming “Deficiency-Free State Survey” in giant letters. And I’m willing to wager their message was completely lost upon the people they hoped to impress. I knew why they were proud, but that’s only because I’ve done work with the senior care industry. […]

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What’s your call to action?

Both amateur and professional marketers make a fatal mistake far too frequently. What mistake? Forgetting the call to action in the materials and messages they develop. What is a call to action? In simple terms, it’s the instruction you give to the reader or viewer about the next step you want them to take. “Call […]

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