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Seven steps for dealing with the media

Business owners and managers who find themselves in the media spotlight often complain they’re being harassed, persecuted, or treated unfairly. However, many of them suffer that treatment because of their own actions in dealing with reporters and editors. To keep from becoming your own worst enemy, follow a few common-sense strategies. Take control. Reporting the […]

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It’s okay to repeat yourself and repeat yourself

Many companies and organizations seem to have a paranoia about repetition. Once they mention something in an email newsletter, a blog, or on a website, they don’t think they should mention it again. If someone suggests a repeat discussion of that topic, they’ll reject it outright, adding “we promoted that already” or “we already told […]

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Reconnecting with ex-customers

Customers stop doing business with you for any number of reasons. Those who were dissatisfied or angry probably won’t come back. But those who simply may have been tempted to do business with a competitor — or those you didn’t work hard enough to keep — may be willing to return and do business with […]

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