Marketing Wisdom

Marketing is more than just the facts, ma’am

Just the facts ma'am said Sgt. Joe Friday

It seems many marketing decision-makers received part of their education from the old “Dragnet” TV show. If you’re too young to remember the program (or the comedic movie remake), “Dragnet” featured Sgt. Joe Friday, a Los Angeles detective who said very little and spoke in a near-monotone. Unlike today’s “Law & Order” or “NCIS” detectives, … Read more

Intelligence that’s artificial isn’t emotional

artificial intelligence isn't emotional

The first of my many exposures to the brilliance of Hoosier author Kurt Vonnegut was his 1952 short story “EPICAC,” in which the narrator prevails upon the world’s most powerful computer to draft a poetic marriage proposal for his lovely colleague. EPICAC’s series of poems fulfill the romantic objective, but there’s a hitch. The computer … Read more

Smarter ways to review a creative’s portfolio


When confronted with a portfolio of samples from a writer, designer, or web wizard, intelligent businesspeople typically become less than savvy. Losing sight of the fact that they’re about to make a critical business decision, they scan the contents, nod their approval, then point to an example or two and say, “I really like this … Read more

What Janet’s brief shower can teach marketers

If I mention the word “psycho,” there’s a good chance a certain image will spring to mind. An image in black and white: water trickling into a shower drain, slowly being supplanted by a darker fluid, all punctuated by ear-piercing shrieks. There’s also a good chance that you just shuddered a little. Assuming that image … Read more

Marketing shouldn’t involve either/or decisions

marketing decisions

When people ask me whether they should create an email newsletter, run radio commercials, step up their social media, or use billboards, my answer is always the same: yes. It’s not a matter of being indecisive. It’s just that the expectations of consumers (and by “consumer,” I also mean those who buy business-to-business services and … Read more

Yes, you can become a thought leader

thought leader in chemistry

You’ve seen them in your industry and your community: the names you recognize instantly, sharing their knowledge. We call them thought leaders, and joining their ranks may be easier than you expect. You may have sat in the audience at conferences or other industry meetings, listening to people whose backgrounds were similar to yours. But … Read more

Case studies: do people know how smart you really are?

thinking about case studies

What is it that makes you and your company the very best at what you do? How well do your prospects and current customers understand your expertise and capabilities? Do they seem to grasp just how good you are and what separates you from the rest? Most organizations try to convince customers and prospects of … Read more