Sometimes people need to give thoughts to the placement of their signage. Take the convenience store I passed recently that had two of those temporary yard signs placed side-by-side on their wide green lawn. Being a well-trained human, I first glanced at the sign on the left, which said “Take ‘n’ Bake Pizza $5.99,” but any appetite that created vanished when I looked right and read “We have live bait.”

Can snack foods feel insulted? That was my first thought during a visit to a Target store, when I saw an aisle sign pointing the way to “Jerky Snacks.”

I had clicked on the link for a forum on the Indianapolis Star’s website, but got a strange error message instead: “We are sorry, an unexpected error occurred.” I appreciate their willingness to differentiate my experience from all those errors I expected.

And one of my all-time favorites was a brochure for a local production of Broadway favorites. It said the show would include songs from “The Loin King,” which I presume was either an adult film or a biopic about a proud butcher.