Thanks to email and the many other technological innovations that are now available, we communicate much more quickly. And, in our eagerness to fire off another message, sometimes we forget to take our time and do the things that were the norm with more archaic technologies such as typewriters.

A great example appears in an email forwarded to me by Indy adman Bob Neville. The email was aimed at top executives, and I’m sure the sender hoped the recipients would be impressed by their innovation and creativity. Here’s the opening paragraph:

Dear Robert:

You won’t find it in a dictionary but a Chief Bounceback Officer is a C-level executive who has successfully landed a new position after enduring a layoff or setback. Through the years, ExecuNet has helped thousands of chief executives, vice president sand directors bounce back and land a new $150K+ executive position.

Or maybe it isn’t a typo. Maybe they were looking for the people in charge of silica-based resources at companies. What else could a “vice president sand director” be?