You’re no doubt familiar with the Freudian slip – that little misstep in language that’s said to reveal the truth you’re hiding. I take great delight in noticing mangled phrases from assorted places, and often wonder if those typos and errors are actually an online or printed Sigmund-style slip.

Take the blog poster who responded to somebody else’s contention with “I have no ideal.” May not have any values, either.

Was the writer who claimed to be inspiring confidence actually hoping the recipient would simply be okay when he offered, “More par to you”?

And I’m going step carefully around the trails in a large outdoor education site, because their website claims that the flora you’ll find includes “wood poopies”. (Okay, so I’m not above poop humor.)

Ace writer/designer Kelly Stanley recently grappled with a horrible phone message while trying to handle some personal business. The message repeatedly pleaded with her, “In order to better service your call, please listen to the following options.” (And those who know the less-familiar meaning of “service” recognize that the company may not have chosen that word accidentally.)