5 compelling reasons to use a professional white paper writer

Why would you need to turn to a professional white paper writer when you consider yourself to be a good writer? There are many advantages to tapping into the expertise of a professional, but I’ve found these five reasons to be particularly beneficial.

1. A professional white paper writer makes better use of your time

Developing an effective white paper takes time, and much of yours is already devoted to all the other tasks associated with your role. When you’re spending the hours it takes to develop that white paper, what’s happening to the rest of the work on your daily to-do list? Is one of your co-workers or subordinates going to step up, or will you simply be expected to add hours to your workdays? In addition, a professional white paper writer should be able to accomplish more in less time.

2. They’re a neutral third party

You and your company have strong opinions about what makes your products or services better. Because a professional white paper writer is an outsider, they will bring an independent viewpoint to your white paper. They won’t share your preconceived notions and internal assumptions, so they’ll view your story through more objective eyes, and be able to question your opinions and biases.

3. A professional white paper writer thinks like your audience

When writing white papers, company employees tend to focus on what the company wants to say. A professional writer will examine what you want to communicate through the eyes of your intended audience and focus on what’s most compelling and meaningful to that audience.

4. They start without your knowledge

Lacking knowledge about your product or service might seem like a disadvantage, but it’s actually a sound reason to work with a professional writer. Before they can present your message, they’ll have to ask a lot of questions. You’re so familiar with what your company does that many of those questions probably wouldn’t occur to you … but they’re likely to be the same questions your audience has. That makes the white paper more valuable to your audience.

5. They sidestep internal politics

Every organization has its internal politics and pecking orders, and it’s all too easy to offend someone or create friction between individuals and departments. For example, if you edit something another department contributed, they may get angry. But when you work with a professional white paper writer from outside your organization, making changes or criticisms doesn’t have the same impact. If your supervisor or a colleague disagrees with the way the writer has handled something, that criticism is easy to deflect. On the other hand, if they’re thrilled with the work, you’re able to take credit for having outsourced it to a professional writer!