Getting naked at the grocer and other flubs

A local food retailer undergoing a major renovation apparently intended to plead for patience on a social media site, but wound up asking for participation in a nudist event. The retailer’s post asked customers to “please bare with us,” which is actually asking them to disrobe. Clearly (I hope), the store wanted customers to “bear” with them, which is a way of asking for tolerance during a time of unpleasantness.

A September Indianapolis Business Journal column about an insurance company quotes its CEO as saying, “One of our founding tenants is liquidity first, capital buffer second, profitability third, and don’t get those backward.” My suspicion is that the mistake wasn’t made by the CEO, but by the columnist in transcribing the interview with him. “Tenants” are renters; “tenets” are guiding principles.

And if you’re looking for a boring place to be as the snow approaches, the Associated Press may have a suggestion. In a story about January’s winter storm, they noted “For air travelers, the Dullest airport authority subsequently tweeted tips for flying on a snow day.” They weren’t suggesting the messages were coming from the towers at FOE, TOL, or CID, but from the massive airport serving our nation’s capital. You know, the one named for John Foster Dulles.