Innovation demands education

Some companies are constantly focused upon staying at the forefront of their industries. But when you take on the mantle of “innovator,” you also assume the responsibility of an educator. That’s because when you stake out new territory, it’s new to everyone else, too. The advantages and superiority of your new approach may be obvious to you, but they may not be quite as clear to the rest of the world.

That means you have to invest more resources in educating the people who are likely to buy what you’re after. You also have to be willing to be patient, because most people are resistant when it comes to new things or new ways of thinking.

Your ads, websites, and other marketing materials have to go beyond the “ain’t we great” messages to explain what makes you great. You may even need to take a step-by-step approach to your marketing efforts, so you can build that understanding at a pace that’s comfortable for your audience.

And what if you choose not to make that extra effort? The marketplace is littered with great ideas that failed because they never managed to secure the affection of customers. Don’t let your idea be one of them.