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Innovation demands education

Some companies are constantly focused upon staying at the forefront of their industries. But when you take on the mantle of “innovator,” you also assume the responsibility of an educator. That’s because when you stake out new territory, it’s new to everyone else, too. The advantages and superiority of your new approach may be obvious […]

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We’ll continue our ongoing series of typos, wrong words, misspellings, and other goofs with a look at three embarrassing mistakes by media professionals who were covering education issues. There’s a particular sense of unease when mistakes creep into education coverage (or, for that matter, when materials created by schools contain mistakes). Eagle-eyed typo spotter Steve […]

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How do you make everyday working people feel confident enough about investing that they’re willing to put more of their hard-earned dollars into your mutual funds? General American Insurance knew that companies have two reasons to encourage 401(k) plan participation: financially secure employees are happy employees, and larger employee contributions mean managers can park a […]

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