Your materials are your silent salespeople

What is a brochure? An ad? A radio commercial? A website? I’ll give you 5 points if you said they’re all marketing communications channels. But they’re also something more important.

You can’t be everywhere your prospective customers are. So you develop materials such as ads and brochures to stand in when you can’t. In essence, they’re actually salespeople for your organization, conveying messages when you can’t be there to do it yourself.

That’s why it’s so important that you pay attention to the messages they send, and to the impressions they convey. If they’re boring, you’re going to look boring. If they’re silly, you’re going to look silly. If they’re goofy – well, you can guess the answer to that one.

It’s sad how many companies will struggle to build a strong reputation and a clear differentiation, and then run an ad or create a brochure that destroys that reputation. Keep your materials consistent with the image and voice of your business, and your silent salespeople will work even harder for you.