Nobody cares as much as you do

About what you say in your marketing materials, that is. I wish that weren’t the case, but it’s absolutely true. I may spend hours trying to get a paragraph just right, even though I know that the audience is only going to glance at it for a couple seconds.

You’d never know that from the way many organizations agonize over their marketing materials. Observing the approval process is frequently agonizing. Staff members will argue and argue over word choices that the average customer will barely gloss over.

The same is true for repeated messages. If I had a dollar for every time someone said “we can’t write about that subject, because we did it just six months ago,” I’d have already retired. You may obsess about what each issue of your publication contains, but none of your readers do. Nobody picks up your September issue and says “I can’t believe they did another article on this subject when they just wrote about this same topic in March.”

Two pieces of advice: first, get over yourself. Recognize that nobody will ever pay as much attention as you do. And second, repetition isn’t an inherently bad thing. We’re all overloaded with messages, so we need to see the important ones more than once. Don’t worry about saying the same thing.