Some companies’ missions are easy to define. Pizza Hut sells pizzas. General Motors wants you to buy a car. And Southwest Airlines flies people here and there. But what do you do if your company’s mission and capabilities aren’t so easy to define? What do you do when most people see you as a wholesaler and warehouse when you’re actually a sophisticated strategic partner?

That was the challenge facing Brightpoint. Although the company was well-known for being the world’s largest mobile device distributor (if you’ve have a cell phone in the past decade, they probably touched it somewhere along the way), their capabilities went far beyond shipping products in a timely fashion. They wanted a quick, simple way to summarize all their capabilities and the strategic role they could play for other companies for trade shows and presentations.

Scott Flood and ace designer Kathy Tully collaborated with animator Levi Bethune to develop a two-and-a-half-minute flash video that did just that. Bethune’s expertise is bringing type alive in unique ways, and after Flood and Tully organized and developed the messages, he brought them to life in a colorful, pulse-pounding presentation.