Rather than go to town on a single topic this time, I thought I’d share a handful of items that either amused, bemused or confused me.

A local “gentlemen’s club” (one wonders how many of the patrons actually deserve the sobriquet) advertises upcoming events on one of those changeable type signs. On more than one occasion, they’ve invited viewers to participate in “Armature Night.” Nothing catches my fancy quite like a nude electric motor shaft.

Not long ago, we bought a futon and a futon cover. The label on the futon cover said, “Expertly tailored.” I turned to the salesperson and explained that I wanted to save some money. Did they have any that were labeled, “Amateurishly tailored”?

I frequently pass a taxidermy business named “Realistic Taxidermy”. Would you want any other kind?

Amazingly skilled designer (and darned good writer and blogger) Kelly Stanley mentioned this sign at her local donut shop: “Effective 1/14/09, we will incur a price increase.” As Kelly knows, the shop isn’t incurring a price increase, its customers are. The shop is imposing the increase.

 Kelly also wondered why Mac’s programmers choose to use phrases like “turn hiding on” instead of the shorter and more elegant “hide.”


  1. . . . “the” Macs programmers understand that you are not hiding an item you have selected at the moment, you are electing to be able to hide or expose the Dock when you move your mouse away from or near to it. It is not a single event but a recurring even that will happen every time you move your mouse away from the Dock.

    If you wish to permanently view the Dock (until you change your mind again, that is), you may elect to use “Turn Hiding Off”.

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