There’s an interesting quirk that shows up when many companies or organizations develop content of all types. They capitalize words that have no business being capitalized. Or, to put it differently, They capitalize Words that don’t really need to have Capital letters.

I suspect the reason they do that is that they think the use of capital letters make the words seem more Important or Impressive.

The reality is, all those extra capital letters play havoc with the reader’s brain. We’re accustomed to seeing the first letter in a sentence carry a capital, and we know that proper nouns such as names and places do as well.

So when other words grow capitals, our brains tell us that we’re seeing either the start of sentence or a proper noun. And when we realize that’s not the case, our attention and comprehension is jarred for a moment.

Unneeded capitalized works serve no purpose other than to serve as jagged rocks on the otherwise smooth road of reading. They don’t make works more impressive, nor do they make them more important. All they do is confuse the reader. And that’s something nobody wants to do!