When people are naming a business or a service, they frequently struggle with finding the right name. In many cases, some private joke provides the inspiration. But be careful, because what strikes you as funny might not have the same impact on prospective customers.

I recall a restaurant that opened up under the name Crazy Chef. Somehow, I got past the apprehension and went in, where I had a pleasant lunch. I inquired about the name, and the server said the owner was known as “Crazy Nick” among his friends, who thought Crazy Chef was the perfect name for his place.

But the business struggled. Most people are adventurous when it comes to dining, but having your meals prepared by someone who wasn’t quite sane? While surrounding businesses did well, the eatery was barely staying afloat. So the owner shut down, bought fancier tables, and changed the name to something a lot more dignified: The Prime Minister.

When it reopened, business was so good that people willingly waited in line. While Crazy Nick’s friends may not have found the new name as amusing, the check-paying public found it a whole lot more appetizing.