Make Their First Time Memorable

Have a job where you find yourself saying the same things 150 times a day? Don’t lose sight of the fact that each time you do, it may be the first time your audience is hearing it.

I think about that every time a cashier or an employee on a store’s PA mumbles “thank you for shopping with us.” They don’t even try to pretend that they mean it. It’s something they’ve been told to say, so they say it with no enthusiasm.

Other examples are “haveaniceday” or “we know you have a choice when you flying so thank you for choosing us.” Yes, they can be nice lines when they’re delivered with enthusiasm. Unfortunately, more often than not, they become throwaways.

If you expect your employees to deliver such lines to customers, remind them that every time should sound like the first. They may not feel it in their hearts, but it’s important that the customers hear an enthusiastic delivery.