Plant some evergreens for your blog

Wondering what you’ll do if you can’t come up with a decent topic for a particular day’s blog post? Prepare in advance by developing some “evergreen” posts.

What do I mean by an evergreen post? It’s simply a post that provides general information, will always be appropriate for the audience, and isn’t time-sensitive.

If you’re writing for a credit union, evergreen posts could include subjects such as “How to set up a basic budget” and “What’s in a credit report.” A medical practice could develop titles such as “Protecting yourself from the sun,” while an accounting firm might have something on “How long to keep records.”

By creating and maintaining a library of evergreen posts, you’ll be in good shape for those times when you don’t have enough new material to fill the next issue. And while those stories might seem like old news to you, they’ll be fresh and new to your readers.