“Will instant replay settle baseball’s furries?”


That was the headline on an online story in the Hendricks County Flyer. I didn’t read the story, so I’m not sure whether it was a discussion of arguments between mascots or just a misspelling of “furies.”


I’m also not sure if someone stumbled onto a miracle cure, based on another online headline, this time from the Indianapolis Star: “Ex-blind school teacher pleads to sex charge.” So the teacher used to be blind, but now he or she isn’t? Okay, I know that they meant a teacher at the Indiana School for the Blind. So why didn’t the copy editor who posted the story simply capitalize “Blind School?” That would have eliminated my confusion. But yes, it would have also meant some additional work on the editor’s part.


If you need to hire an attorney, you probably want someone who pays attention to details. That’s why you’d probably never walk into the office of a nearby law practice. Neatly painted on the practice’s front door: “Law Office Enterance.” (I was going to post a photo, but someone must have finally noticed the mistake and had it repainted.)


And this month’s award for idiocy in customer service messages goes to Comcast. When my Internet service took a dive, I called the 24-hour customer service line, where a recording confirmed that Internet service in my area was experiencing an outage, but offered the helpful advice that I could get updates on the repairs … by visiting