Tell me why I should like your page

As social media grows, all sorts of companies and organizations have been trying to court followers. You probably receive solicitations through Facebook and other platforms asking you to like their pages, follow them, or take whatever action fits the specific channel. Visit a store or a restaurant, and you’ll see the same. I drove past a cemetery recently and they had a big sign out front asking me to follow their Facebook page.

So why should I like your page or follow you? In simple terms, what’s in it for me? The simple fact is that most people won’t act unless they’re likely to receive some personal benefit — and basking in the glow of your attractive feed doesn’t count.

Give me some kind of a reward for liking your Facebook page — maybe a discount off my next meal, access to products you don’t sell the general public, useful free content me, or some kind of other incentive — and you’ll be more likely to get me to act.

Without some kind of personal benefit, I’m more likely to say “fat chance” and move along.