Are you wasting precious time in ads, direct mail, and brochures telling prospects what they already know?

Instead, tell them what matters. Talk about benefits, not features. Don’t say your product uses a three-handled veeblefetzer unless you can explain what that will do for them. “The three-handled veeblefetzer lets you core twice as many radishes in the same time.”

Tell them how it works. “The three-handled veeblefetzer cradles the radish, allowing the blades to operate faster with greater accuracy, and reducing waste caused by improper coring.”

Tell them that it works. Give them examples of how your veeblefetzer helped other companies, so they can see what it could do for them.

Tell them how to learn more. Make it easy for them to find more information, whether it’s in brochures, white papers, or your website. Most of all, tell them what to do. After all, if you don’t tell them to do something, they’ll do nothing. That wastes time for both of you.