No, I’m not questioning your ability to write. I’m suggesting that it may not make sense for you to handle your own writing projects. Why? Several reasons:

It’s a waste of time. Well, maybe a waste of your time. Odds are your plate is pretty full, and writing your own copy may not be the most efficient way to empty it.

Copy is a different animal. The style of writing most of us learned in school falls fl at when it comes to communicating with key stakeholders.

You’re too close to things. You know the inside scoop and all of the baggage that goes with it. It’s easier for an outsider to view you in the context of your marketplace and challenge internal assumptions.

You can be detached. When an outsider writes your copy, you can be more objective in editing. Plus, you can deflect internal criticisms.

You still get the credit. When the project succeeds, it’s because of your solid direction and your ability to identify the right writer.