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Your mother was right about bad words

Someone told me about a company that was reputed to be impressive, and I went to the firm’s website to learn more. I spent about ten minutes reviewing their content. What does this amazing company do? No clue. I read their mission, product information, press releases, “About Us,” and more – and I can’t begin […]

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Seven steps for making writing easier

“I hate writing!” Perhaps that should be music to my ears because it ensures a steady stream of work, but it saddens me. Many people dislike (or even fear) writing and are intimidated by knitting words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs. Nearly everyone needs to write now and again. Being able to assemble words […]

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What color is your copy?

Want to know how effective your copy is likely to be? To find out, highlight it in two different colors. Whether you’re developing a blog post, a brochure, a web page, or any other channel, take a few moments to highlight all of the sentences that are really about your customer and his or her […]

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