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Eschew obfuscation to write more clearly

man who needs to eschew obfuscation

When presenting workshops on writing more clearly, I always tell attendees the most important advice I can offer is to eschew obfuscation. Whether I’m speaking to top execs or folks in the early stages of their careers, that advice provokes blank stares throughout the room. I didn’t create the phrase, but I adore it, because … Read more

Improve your writing by starting in the middle

Many people regard having to write as sheer torture. Unfortunately, nearly every job or business endeavor demands a certain amount of that torture. The good news is that there’s a simple trick that can make your writing easier and more effective. That trick is starting somewhere in the middle. If that sounds odd, consider that … Read more


Worried that what you’ve written sounds a little too light and fluffy? Concerned that your words seem to be traveling all over the place instead of delivering a clear message? Thanks to a handy tool within Microsoft Word and most other word processors, and with a little bit of self-discipline, you can easily make your … Read more


Busy, busy, busy. We’re going this way and that way, and it seems that we have less time for everything. That effort to cram more into every day has had a pronounced effect on the way people read. A generation ago, people tended to read at a more leisurely pace. They’d start at the beginning, finish at the end, and savor everything in between.

The shortage of time and the speed of finding information on the internet has fundamentally changed the way people read nearly everything. Instead of savoring, readers are skimming; breezing through articles, books, and documents at a pace that would have been considered speed-reading in the past. They look for what matters in a document, and zero in only on those points that seem to be most important.

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