In my last post, I mentioned the amazing power of frequently asked question pages or documents. As I noted, these simple, easy-to-create tools can strengthen your sales efforts, overcome resistance, minimize misunderstandings, and boost customer satisfaction.

However, FAQs won’t do any of those things effectively unless they’re completely candid and honest.  An FAQ isn’t the place to duck tough subjects or hide behind weasel wording. That’s because your customers and prospects are much better at spotting that kind of stuff than you realize.

And, when your FAQ answers are candid, you build confidence and trust in the reader’s mind. Imagine this question on a manufacturer’s website FAQ: “How hard is it to assemble your veeblefetzer?”

Company one responds: “It’s amazingly easy to put your veeblefetzer together with common tools you have around the shop. Before you know it, you’ll be using your veeblefetzer to core radishes faster than ever!”

Company two says: “Most buyers tell us that it takes between 90 minutes and two hours to assemble their veeblefetzers, slightly more for people who aren’t used to mechanical projects. You’ll need a hammer, a #2 phillips screwdriver, a pair of small needle-nose pliers, and a 3/8-inch socket wrench. A bench vise or bar clamp may make assembly easier. Just be sure to read the instructions completely before beginning work, because buyers who encounter problems typically confess that they missed a step.”

Which company’s FAQ would you trust? And which veeblefetzer would you buy?