Direct Marketing

Direct mail in a digital age

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If you’re looking for a better way to get the attention of customers and prospects in this technology-saturated environment, it’s worth taking a look at a channel that was developed in the early 20th century. Many of today’s marketers may dismiss direct mail as a quaint relic, but it remains surprisingly powerful even in an … Read more

Marketing deceit is a terrible strategy

marketing deceit

This week’s mail brought a pastel greeting-card envelope with no return address or stamp. Was it a surprise confession from a secret admirer? A warm thought from a dear friend? I rushed to slit it open. And there I found an internet provider’s latest pitch, ingeniously disguised as a greeting card. Was I amused? Touched? … Read more

Everything you create is a marketing piece

As I pointed to a clunky phrase, the client waved me off. “Don’t worry about the language. It’s a proposal, not a marketing piece.” She saw my confusion and explained, “We don’t need to waste our time making the language flowery or sales-y sounding. This is just so we can get all the details together … Read more

Marketing is all about relationships

No matter how much technology a company uses in its marketing, its chances of success or failure are likely to come down to the organization’s ability to build relationships. That’s usually what effective sales and marketing efforts are all about. You want to build some sort of positive relationship with the prospect or customer, so … Read more

Don’t let automation drive your marketing

Technology’s impact on the marketing world has been growing exponentially. Each year sees amazing new platforms that give marketers more power and greater opportunities. However, they also create a dangerous temptation to completely eliminate the human role … and with it, do away with common sense. I’ve written about this in the past, pointing to Staples … Read more

Social media is a channel … not a strategy

One of the most common marketing mistakes made by today’s companies is regarding social media as a strategy. It isn’t. Social media is a channel, like the many other channels that are available to your business. Now, how you use social media and those other channels — that’s where the strategy comes in. I’ve seen … Read more


I often point to flawed marketing efforts by well-known companies. It isn’t that I have something against big business; it’s that those big players tend to make some of the biggest, most amateurish mistakes in their marketing efforts. Usually, the underlying concept is sound. The execution is where it falls flat. Take the email I … Read more