Customers don’t care about your internal issues

You’re well aware of the internal structure of your company, and the politics and complex challenges that spring from that structure. When a customer needs something, you mentally consider which departments will be involved and what it will take to make it happen. Your customers view you differently. They see you as a single entity. … Read more

Connecting is about your audience, not about you

The continued explosion of social media is a clear reminder of just how badly we humans want to connect with each other. Unfortunately, too many companies completely ignore that reality when they try to communicate with customers and prospects. Doesn’t matter whether they’re using social media posts, an email, or a website – they do … Read more

What your customers don’t care about

bored customer

After six months of tireless effort, your company’s new website has been launched, and you’re ready to announce it to the world. That’s probably a waste of your time. Hey, I get it. Everyone’s worked hard, and you’ve invested a small fortune into the process. Your new site is quite impressive, and you’re deservedly proud. … Read more


Businesses and organizations often struggle to understand why they’re not performing as well as they’d like. In many cases, the answer is a lot closer than they realize. If they took time to talk with … and genuinely listen to … their customers, they would develop a much stronger understanding of what they’re doing right, and what needs to be improved.

In his landmark book The Customer-Driven Company, Richard Whiteley cites many successful companies that aggressively pursue input from customers, and then build what they’ve learned back into their products and processes.

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