Your website is incomplete

how incomplete website makes you feel

There are many differences between today’s online marketing tools and the brochures and other printed pieces that dominated marketing for decades. Many of those differences are obvious, but one of the most important often slips right past people: a website is never complete. Think about developing a brochure, a white paper, or a publication. Most … Read more

Put your audience first to connect more effectively

improve your writing to connect

Social media’s ever-increasing presence in our lives is a clear reminder of just how badly we humans want to connect with each other. Unfortunately, too many companies completely ignore that reality when they try to communicate with customers and prospects. Doesn’t matter whether they’re using an Insta video, an email newsletter, a website, or an … Read more

Repeating repetition repeatedly isn’t necessarily a bad thing

repetition of question mark

Many people have a strong aversion to repetition. It isn’t that they can’t tolerate others repeating a message; it’s that they don’t want to risk echoing their previous efforts when developing their marketing communications materials. The concern about repetition crops up most often in planning for ongoing marketing programs, such as social media or customer … Read more

What your customers don’t care about

bored customer

After six months of tireless effort, your company’s new website has been launched, and you’re ready to announce it to the world. That’s probably a waste of your time. Hey, I get it. Everyone’s worked hard, and you’ve invested a small fortune into the process. Your new site is quite impressive, and you’re deservedly proud. … Read more

How people respond subconsciously to your website


What many call “fight or flight” is a quick way to describe the brain’s innate responses to stimuli. It might come as a surprise that it also offers some valuable advice related to websites and other marketing communications materials. Humans like to think we’re rational animals who don’t give in to automatic judgments about people … Read more

Use slow times for a marketing makeover

marketing makeover

Looking for a good way to use those inevitable slow times in your business? Consider tidying up your website and other marketing materials, then toss the obsolete trash. Rarely do I find websites that wouldn’t benefit from a bit of housecleaning. Some are the static sites that are just the same as when they were … Read more

People don’t care about your company’s new website

A good portion of my business comes from helping companies develop websites, so you won’t be surprised to learn that I believe creating a new site or redoing an existing one is a worthwhile investment. But I’m less enthusiastic about companies that see rolling out a new website as an exciting event for their customers. … Read more


When it comes time to develop a new website, companies and organizations spend a lot of time agonizing over what the site should be like. They consider all sorts of different designs and spend hours trying to get the functionality exactly where they want it. They make list after list of possible pages.

And then, they just slap some content in place.

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