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Should you compliment someone or complement them?

Many words that are similar carry very different meanings, but that doesn’t stop people from misusing them. Generally, they’ll accept a correction in the intended spirit, but that isn’t always the case. I remember one situation in which a client was so convinced that his misunderstanding was actually correct that I lost his business. He […]

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Embarrassing spelling errors compounded by wayward spellcheckers continue to crop up, much to my delight (and that of several correspondents). One recent example that provoked a chuckle was the Indianapolis-area newspaper that referred to those served by a County Home as the “poor and indignant.” I suppose poverty can bring out the worst in some […]

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In a recent post, I poked a little fun at people whose complete trust of spellcheckers occasionally puts them in awkward positions, such as inadvertently apologizing for their lack of bladder control (sorry for the incontinence!). Then there are those who don’t seem to notice that spellcheckers exist. Am I the only one who has […]

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