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Keeping white papers and other materials up-to-date is critical

Companies often develop materials such as white papers to target marketing and communications objectives, but forget to go back and make edits as their marketplace or products and services change. When developing a white paper, new web copy, or other communications tool, most marketers start with some sort of objective and develop an outline covering … Read more

Don’t let technicalities ruin your technical communication

technical communication

Companies and other organizations develop technical documents like white papers and blogs to explain the advantages they offer or to educate their stakeholders about situations or issues. Unfortunately, all too often, those efforts fall short of their objectives. Their target audiences come away not knowing any more, so the organization’s team has essentially wasted the … Read more

Winston Churchill and white papers

winston churchill and white papers

Marketing tools emanate from a variety of sources, but only white papers can trace their history back to one of history’s most consequential figures. During the 1920s, the United Kingdom faced some tricky political issues in the Middle East. Then a Member of Parliament, Winston Churchill asked his staffers to develop a paper exploring the … Read more

Smarter ways to hire white paper writers

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Companies that hire white paper writers have made a smart business decision. Hiring a white paper writer instead of writing a white paper yourself not only means you can stay focused on your job’s normal responsibilities, but gives you someone who will approach the project with more objectivity, an outside viewpoint, and stronger skills. How … Read more

Here’s why your team shouldn’t write white papers

write white papers together

Choosing your internal team to write white papers may seem like an obvious choice, given their familiarity with the information in those white papers, but there are many reasons to look elsewhere for help. Non-writers shouldn’t write white papers Your team members may be skilled writers, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be effective at articulating … Read more

How complex supply chains and white papers work together

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Complex supply chains and white papers are a natural combination, because a single white paper can simultaneously share key messages and advantages with several audiences. As an example, let’s say your company makes replacement gaskets for auto and truck engines. Your direct customers are parts distributors who stock products from manufacturers and sell them to … Read more

Why would companies use white papers?

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There are many reasons organizations and individuals use white papers, but the most common is that white papers are one of the most effective ways to convince people that your solution or position is the best one. That’s especially true if your product or service is complicated, innovative, or significantly different from the competition, or … Read more