Want to see real creativity? Stay inside the box

creativity is inside the box

We’ve heard it more times than we care to remember: what we need is some out-of-the-box thinking. We could solve this chronic problem if only we could step out of the box. Golly, J.P., that’s a really out-of-the-box idea! Apparently, if we’re brave enough to step out of that bad, bad box, we can accomplish … Read more

Creativity isn’t always the answer

  I work in an industry that places a great deal of emphasis on creativity and originality. Within some corners of that industry, creativity is worshiped with the fervor of a religion. If something isn’t new and innovative, it’s viewed as second-rate and embarrassing. It’s true that there are many times when it pays to … Read more

Learning lessons all over again

There’s a tendency among people in business — particularly younger people — to assume that lessons learned in the past have little value when applied to today. That’s especially true when it comes to marketing. Yes, channels such as email marketing and social media have been developed relatively recently. But the basic psychology that makes … Read more


One of the most inane commercials I’ve ever seen dates back to my much younger days and a product called Beefsteak rye bread. I’d guess that it was somewhere in the early 70s, and while that time may have been considered creativity’s golden years, this one was as leaden as they get.

The scene was a construction site full of stereotypically macho men (this was pre-Village People). A grizzled journeyman is doing something to his young new co-worker’s lunch, and two other workers chuckle, “Look – Joe’s switched the bread on him.”

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